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Law Review: Highlights in North American Litigation - PDF (194K)

Macy vs. City of Escondido, and State of California Dept. of Health:
Court's Telephonic Ruling to 2nd Amended Complaint - PDF (65K)
Plaintiff's 3rd Amended Complaint - PDF (129K)
Court's Telephonic Ruling to 3rd Amended Complaint - PDF (65K)
Plaintiff's 4th Amended Complaint - PDF (129K)
Court's Telephonic Ruling to 4th Amended Complaint 3/27/03- PDF (129K)
Plaintiff's Opening Brief to 4th District Court of Appeals 3/16/05 - PDF (120K)

Washington State Litigation
City of Bonney Lake vs. Tacoma-Pierce County Department of Health - PDF (129K)

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